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The final results of the elections in the Saratov region is summed up. The party «United Russia» won 68.15% of votes. Turnout was 64.6%! – trumpeted the media.

According to an anonymous source, the students of the Volga Institute of Management named Stolypin was forced to go to the elections and to vote for one of the parties under the pretext of eviction from the dormitory – said the SarBiSi. «On the election day, a large group of students went to the polls. After the vote, those students that voted by absentee, were led away to another polling station to vote again on some list». As evidence is provided the screenshots of the correspondence with heads of groups in the social networks. «On the RRW they forced to go to vote, they even check the lists of voters. Lawlessness!!!!» – Tatiana wrote as a comment to the article about the students on the SarBiSi.

The Director of the VIM about the organized vote of students: «This is complete nonsense».

The site of the SSAU openly published the report about the rally of the students on September 19 to commemorate the victory of the «United Russia». There were also directing to vote by absentee, – said the anonymous source.

Vyacheslav Volodin from the «United Russia» personally handled with the request and with the letters to the teaching staff, –  according to the anonymous sources.

The head of the enterprise the «Spetsstroy» illegally spent 500 million rubles, – on the election day SarBiSi reported. Recall that the workers from the «Spetsstroy» have complained to the journalists of the edition «The 4th power».

The inspections have shown that the «Zhilkomservis» was owed 878 thousand rubles to 45 workers from April to July. 18 people in the «Phoenix 91» sustained a loss in 269 thousand rubles in June and July. With respect to the managers were filed cases on administrative offenses, – reported the SarBiSi the next day.

On the same day the media reported that in July, the salary in Saratov decreased by 6.1% compared with June. The incomes of the populationsignificantly decreased by 20,2 thousand in June; by 18,8 thousand in July, the article «costs and savings» also decreased from 18.8 to 17.6 thousand rubles.

The news of September 21:

From January to June on the «Prommash» the wages to employees were paid with the delay. Who was fired were given the final payments with the delay, without monetary compensation for the delay. The employer got the order to pay the compensation to the employees for the delay of the calculated amounts until  September 5. The order of the SIL have performed in full. General Director will pay the fine of 3 thousand rubles, the legal entity will pay the fine of 40 thousand rubles. This writes SarBiSI.

The Voronezh company the «SMU-6» has received the contract to build a thermal power plant. The builders have placed in the Crimea, in 20 km from the city-hero in Andreevka village, where they have to be till now, although the work under the contract was completed on 9 September. Presumably, the company is on the verge of bankruptcy and the people can’t get the promised wages, most of them don’t have some money for the trip to return home. There are 5 Saratov residents among them.

September 22nd:

In the Soviet district of the Saratov region the bailiffs arrested the refinery property. A few months ago the court ruled the settlement of arrears of  the salary for the employees of the company for 3 months. During this time, the bailiffs could not get into the territory of the non-working factory, fenced around the perimeter by the fence with barbed wire. It was decided to storm. In place went the rapid response team of the Federal Bailiff Service. At the same time the plant protection service tried to prevent the work of the special forces.

There is also the information about the delay of salaries in the candy factory «Pokrovsk-Concern» in Engels. There are incomplete working week and ridiculous salaries. In the shop where biscuits are manufactured, live cockroaches. The equipment has not changed for decades. 

Zhirinovsky dramatically improved own results in the elections, Zyuganov dramatically eroded own results. Are the people trying on clownish bells on the head?

According to the materials of the SarBiSi and other media.  According to the reports of the anonymous sources.


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