Engels. 9 CCRF. The crisis is not over

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Last days Saratov media reports about interventions of prosecutor's office in cases of enterprises, which delay workers' wages, became frequent. September 27 media reported about the debt in 553 thousand rubles to employees of the hotel «Hopior» from April to July. On the same day they wrote about the violation of safety in HBC «Kronverk-1». September 28 the State Labour Inspectorate reported that will be checked on compliance with labor legislation «356 Aircraft Repair Plant», after the suicide of a locksmith. September 30, it was reported that the JSC «Balakovo specialized assembly department» has not paid 90 employees 1.1 million rubles in May. October 4 there were reports about delays in salary in «ServisGazDiagnostika». In July and August, these gentlemen owed to 15 employees 296 252 rubles. The FSSS reported that the salaries in the Saratov region are one of the lowest in the Volga Federal District.

On October 3, 2016, in Russia the fines for delay of salaries has increased by 10 times. Had the capitalist class make concessions to the workers?

Many events unknown to the public. The Industry and the Energy Minister of the region Maxim Shikhalov mentioned July 6, 2016, there were water and gas disconnection for the debts in the largest of defense companies in the region, «The 9th central car repair factory» in Engels. However, workers continue to talk about this case among themselves. That's what the women work in the factory reported Red TV on basis of anonymous:

«In recent times, most of the workers were sent in downtime, that is 2/3 of the salary. The salary we got for August; for September: the term is not expired. Yes, there were the reductions of staff, in several stages. The workers signed the notice 3 months prior to the reduction. As far as I know, most of the staff will cut 20 December».

«The plant mothballed indefinitely. No state orders»,  – says another worker.

There is an information about a similar situation in the company «Volga Institute of Forest». There is no salary because of the lack of state orders, for which the state owes money. And that the State requires the company management to pay the salaries.

The crisis of capitalism continues, ladies and gentlemen...


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Red TV, Saratov region

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